SETI@Home is down :(

Here at FPGA@Home we continue to study and analyze SETI’s source code and algorithms for acceleration using oakley sunglasses outlet Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs).  Unfortunately SETI@home is down!  We are running some tests on our home compiled client but since it cannot connect we cannot test!  Hopefully it will be up and running soon!  I know it’s cheap nfl jerseys not easy and we’re pulling for you.  It went down around Thanksgiving (late Nov 2012).

In other news, I found that Folding@Home is closed source and there is Buy an undated quote of the organizer saying FPGAs do not Floating Point and Cheap Jordan Sale therefore will Fake Oakleys not work with Folding@Home.  Too bad cause I think FPGAs could still help le viagra sur le net.  No floating point on FPGAs is substituted by a range analysis on all calculations.  While arduous, this is relatively easy ray ban sunglasses sale for math and algorithm people.  Hope more people start to re-evaluate FPGAs for algorithmic acceleration!

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